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Bespoke Ritual Tea Blend

When I made the transition into herbal teas, I began researching more about methods of healing with it. 

I love the Japanese tea ceremony tradition, Zen tea meditations, Yoga with tea, Kitchen Witch tea remedies and learning all the magical properties.

Nature speaks to me. Every plant, flower, tree has consciousness. 

Everything we need to heal is in nature and she is abundant and always so graceful in her gifts.

I believe in reciprocity. This means I believe in the balance of life. For everything I take from nature, I will leave something to give back.

Water is a very important part of healing. Water is Alive, it has Memory, it is Intelligent and Conscious.

Water has the ability to retain “memory” of substances dissolved in it, even when there is a very high dilution factor to the point that no molecule of the substance remains in the solution.

All of my ingredients and intentions are amplified by the water.

To book your Bespoke Ritual Tea Blend first we will arrange a free video or email consultation so that I can assess your energetic needs.

Once I have established your needs I will create a personalized ritual tea blend with intention and by intuitively selecting organic and ethical ingredients (mostly grown in my own garden).

Love, care and attention goes into every step of the process.

Includes: Reusable Cotton Tea Pouch & 3oz mini mason jar Tea Blend, Personal Guidance & Instructions.

Bespoke Ritual Tea Blend

Frankeys Tea Blends

Love Tea 3oz

The Tea Ritual 

Every step of your tea meditation should be done in Present Moment Awareness.

 From the preparation of your tea, to sitting down, to drinking your tea, to finishing, and cleaning up, this entire process is done in Presence.

Use your favorite tea pot/tea cup and be in your favorite place.

Once your tea is made, sit in your nice quiet place.

When you've sat down take some nice deep breaths and begin to notice the aroma of the tea. Allow the scent to fill your nostrils and allow it to fill your body and radiate out into your energy field.

REFLECT upon your intentions for drinking this tea.

IMAGINE all of the ingredients in your tea and the journey they took to be there, all coming together, for you to enjoy.

LET GO and relax into the deep knowing inside of you that Everything is in Divine Order.

Look at the color of the tea, look into your cup, there could be reflections in it or perhaps you may see an image? 

Be present, still and take it slow, only drinking little sips at a time, fully engaging all of your senses. Savor every sip, notice the flavors, feel how it interacts with your mind, body and soul.

Enjoy each moment, as that cup of tea, will never exist again.

Once you're done, express your gratitude and mindfully clean away your tea.

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