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Birth Number and Birth Colour Reading

“Discover how Birth Numbers & Colours can help you make Massive Changes In Your Life”

Meet Frankey Craig

Frankey Craig is a Creative Channel, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Energy Healer and she has been serving her clients for over 15 years online and in person.

Frankey is a Reiki Master and has been working with aromatherapy, sound, colour, plants, art, crystals, homeopathic remedies and more.

Her Energy work has brought much Happiness, Health and Healing to hundreds of people throughout the years.

She has been sharing her wisdom through Science, Nature and Consciousness and guiding people to pure, safe, effective and organic methods of healing the Mind, Body and Spirit.

There is a reason why people prefer certain colours over others. Colours can tell us so much about our personalities, because each colour has an association with a reaction our brain when we internalize it. The colours we like and dislike can literally describe our personalities.

Colours are all around us. They aren't just meaningless parts of our environment. They can change the way we feel and react.

Working with colour for health is not a new concept. It has been used since ancient times. For example, the Egyptians believed in the power of light and used different colours of light to promote healing. So, for example, if you're stressed, you could use colour to calm you so that you can regain your psychological balance. And, if you're depressed, the right colours can be used to invigorate you and give you increased energy.

You don’t have to go and paint entire rooms to feel the benefits of colour (although, that would be awesome too). Simply, wearing your chosen colour top or nail polish can be enough to shift your energy in the right direction. I even experiment eating certain colours of foods.

In Indian philosophy, our bodies have chakras which are considered the centres of spiritual power and energy. There are 7 main chakras which are each associated with a specific colour of the rainbow. By exploring these energy centres within yourself you will be able to diagnose which ones need more Light and you will know which colour to work with. 

What is your favorite colour?

This should be an instinctive choice of a colour that can tell you a lot about yourself, how you function and how others see you.

Your favourite colour gives greater understanding about your behavior and your character traits as well as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. It reflects the way you operate in the world, your strengths and weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your deepest needs and your challenges.

Where does your favourite colour fall in the spectrum of the chakras? Perhaps, Red is your favourite colour, this indicates that the Base Chakra is your most active energy centre.

The colours you dislike can tell you a lot about yourself as well, often reflecting your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Your most disliked colour will relate to areas in your life and body that need to be given attention or past hurts that need to be healed. Think back to your childhood or any earlier time in your life where you may have developed a dislike of the colour. There is always a connection!

Rejecting whole colours can create imbalances in your life so it is a good idea to try to incorporate a small amount of your disliked colours into your world by using them in clothing or even underwear or in your home or work environment, to help balance your energies.

Birth Numbers & Colours

Using  numerology helps me to decode your date of birth which brings many insights with it.

Numbers in your date of birth play a very large part in forming your character. In fact these numbers will motivate and mold you, and their influence will be with you for the rest of your life.

The model that I work from assigns a colour to every number, giving us deeper insights into your personality and your core purpose in this life.

Book a Birth Colour Reading

Learn what your core purpose is in this life

This reading can be done without meeting you. I will simply need you full name and date of birth. The reading is typed and emailed to you to keep for reference. During this reading we will explore your birth number and colour, along with your character traits. Your birth number and colour will reveal so many things about your mind, body, spirit and purpose on this journey of life. 

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