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Journal Entry

Highly Empathic

Photo Credit: Chris Page

I’ve always been an incredibly sensitive soul. When I was really young my uncle once said to my mother ‘’that the world was going to break my heart’’. I didn't know he said it at the time but when I grew up and my mum said that's what he said, we both agreed it was an insightful comment.

When I was young I was more aware of the feelings and emotions of others not being my own but as I got older I became less conscious and everything became jumbled together.

As a teen, the emotional pain got unbearable. Unconsciously, I found a way to protect myself from feeling other people's emotions by teaching myself to project my strongest feeling out like a big antenna. I was defensive when I used to do that. My antenna signal was mostly saying ‘back off’. I had the ability to make a person feel however I wanted them to feel, good or bad and I wouldn't have to use one word to do it. I simply used my energy. It was powerful and necessary for me at that time.

In my early 20’s I began to tap into some of my clair senses, not consciously to begin with but overtime I began to intentionally tap into these abilities. I had success with all senses at random. Sometimes just one or other times many of them.

I discovered that my most active senses are claircognizance which is a clear sense of inner knowing, clairsentience a strong clear sense of feeling and clairempathy which is a sense of emotional feeling and being able to detect psychic information through my emotions.

I began my Reiki healer/energy healing journey in my mid 20’s and I had a few times where transference happened to me. This was usually in extreme cases when I was emotionally involved with the person I was working on. For example, my sister dislocated her collarbone and I did healing on her. The next day I woke up with a big bruise over my collarbone and my sister was feeling significantly better. It also happened with a few clients that I had built a friendship with. It used to frustrate me because I felt I couldn't work on the ones I care about most. I had an unconscious habit of taking on other people's pain.

It wasn't until my mid 30’s that a powerful lesson came during an ayahuasca journey. At the beginning of this journey I had taken my medicine along with the rest of the group and I began to hear the whimpering of a friend. For several minutes, I ‘tuned’ into her, felt her pain and was struggling not to go over and console her. A very loud voice came through ‘’leave her be, she is here because she wants to be, just like you made the choice to be here, it is her journey and not yours’’. The deep realization that I did this a lot with people I care about came. The distraction of other people's emotions was constantly pulling me away from my own journey and in some cases hindering the other person's healing.

Then, on another occasion with ayahuasca. Later on into the medicine I began to hear the cries of a friend lying next to me and unconsciously I tuned into him and I got sucked into his pain. I felt him as a child, I felt all the struggles he had with his parents and in life and I sat in his pain for an eternity trying to console a man that was in his own process of healing. All I could do is sit in an empty void with him and his pain. It truly was unbearable but I felt I couldn't leave him in this pain. I couldn't escape it until, after what seemed like eons….. I finally had the realization that it was HIS pain. HIS. NOT my pain. It was NOTHING to do with me at all and I snapped out that reality and into another. POWERFUL.

Plant medicine also taught me that I am able to release unwanted energy in many ways such as sweating, crying, urinating, yawning, breathwork and more. This has been incredibly useful.

The plant medicine teachings were major pivotal moments for me in understanding my energy and emotions. I believe that after these experiences I began to understand what was MINE and what was somebody else much easier.

I felt strongly that I needed to work on connecting with my physical body more.

I began with my diet. I got my body ‘cleaner’. I cut out milk, cut down sugar, caffeine, meats, carbs and many other things. Then I moved onto changing my skin care products and household cleaning products to as chemical free as possible. I even got really conscious about the clothing on my skin, not only the way it feels but where it was made.

Then, I moved onto yoga which was HUGE as it quickly began to help me build strength in mind, body and spirit.

After 6 years of practicing yoga I can truly reflect upon how it has been teaching me so much about my own energy and has given me insights and experiences that have helped me on my mat and in life in every area.

Into my late 30’s now, and I have noticed that my energy healing sessions have transitioned, transformed, evolved and benefited by my greater understanding of my own energy.

When I do healing sessions now and I am working hard to move an energy blockage out I begin releasing energy through my tears. It is not a conscious choice. However, depending how big the blockage is in a person will affect how much I cry. Sometimes just a few tears drip down my cheek, other times I have wailed it out. These are healing tears. They are not like any other tears I've cried. These are tears of great release.

I have removed attachments and I have completely changed the energy of many buildings and land.

I always feel strong and energized when I work with energy now that I have a much better grasp on how to allow it to move through me unhindered.

I feel so much stronger in my own energy and I will continue to grow in it. This is such sacred work and every day my role as a healer deepens.

I FEEL so grateful.

I believe that YOUR Health IS YOUR Wealth and Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit can bring everyone Wealth and Happiness.

Through Science, Nature and Spirituality I share pure, safe, effective and organic methods of healing.

Energy healing is an ancient modality that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and spirit.

When I am doing energy work with you, I am dealing directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your wellness.

I am a Reiki Master and have a wide variety of tools that assist me. My intuition is very strong, I am empathic and I read energy very well.

Each person's energy is as unique as their fingerprint and thus will require different energies in different places at different times.

My intention is to tune into your subtle body and assess its current energetic requirements. Then I can bring energy flow to the right places that will stimulate your body's natural ability to heal.

I wish to clarify ‘healing’ because it does imply that there is something wrong with you when I actually believe there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect. You just need to remember who you are. To me, healing is aligning with our true selves. Peeling back the layers to our purest essence and becoming a full embodiment of that!

I believe that we are more than our thoughts, feelings and the life situation that we are living at the moment. I believe we are all much vaster than that. Our preoccupation with thoughts shrouds us from this sacred knowledge. Our bodies hold this intelligence deep inside their cellular structures and I believe that as we tap into this we begin to align to with the vibration of our Higher Self.

Every cell, molecule and atom dances with divine cosmic light energy! Our cells are always producing more light, or photons, and these photons carry information throughout the body's entire energy field.

We are Beings of LIGHT and Light IS Energy.

Energy healing is a way of vibrationally attuning your mind, body and spirit into the frequency of wellness.

Energy Healing with Frankey

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