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Plant Spirit Experience with Mugwort

Meeting the Spirit of Mugwort on a 4-week virtual journey.

Mugwort is a plant that introduces prophetic dreaming and inner wisdom giving you the ability to remember your innate intuition.

What’s Included:

Videos and Course Handouts

Vial of Organic Mugwort, & Candle 


• Mugwort’s Folklore, History and Medicinal Uses

• Understand with Plant Spirit Medicine

• Learn to Identify Mugwort

• Learn the difference of Ritual and Ceremony

• What and Why it’s important to use 5 Senses and Subtle Energies

• Create a traveling Altar and Understand the importance a Traveling altar

• Dreamtime with Mugwort

• How to brew your tea to sit in ceremony on the last week of Course

• Class is interactive which means you will have weekly assignments

• We will journey to connect with the spirit of Mugwort, experiencing an opening of the third eyes vision. This will create a personal and direct relationship with Mugwort for each of us. 

Learn more about Plant Spirit Experience 

It's all about the journey!


Week 1

My Mugwort journey begins with Sacred Wild Woman.

I received a package that included a beautiful canvas pouch with a vial of dried mugwort, a biodegradable tea bag, a stick of sage and a candle to assist my experience. 

The quality, presentation and special attention to details made this package even more special. I especially loved the affirmation on the tea bag. 

I have been so excited about doing this journey. LeAnne and I both share a love of nature and connecting with the consciousness of plants, trees, flowers and animals.

The thing that appealed most to me about doing this journey was the opportunity to work one to one with a plant. 

Working one to one allows me to really tune into its energy. To really honor the consciousness of the plant, give it Presence, give it time, listen to its wisdom, feel it in my body, allow the connection to unfold organically. 

All plants have powerful medicine and have teachings they are waiting to share. 

When I first started exploring making medicine with nature it was hard to decide where to start. I chose to let nature speak to me, to put the books down and get outside and be Present. It was not long after that I began to hear it speak.

I tune into the energy of the plant/flower/tree/animal and they tell me how to work with them. 

I do my research afterwards, like is this going to kill me if I ingest it lol. 

A friend of mine, Howard recently pointed out how normal and natural this is to hear nature speak. We can all do it with Presence.

When the pharmaceutical companies went to places like the Amazon to learn from the tribes about the medicine in the jungle they were amazed to hear that the shamans got their knowledge from listening to nature.

The connection with nature is something very deeply innate in each of us. 

I can feel lots stirring in my psyche as I begin to connect with mugworts energy. 


Week 2

After receiving my package from the Sacred Wild Woman for my Mugwort Plant Experience I felt drawn to begin working with Mugwort at bed time.

I have not grown mugwort before. I have been foraging around looking for it with no luck finding it yet.

Usually I prefer working with plants that I have grown or have foraged in nature. I feel they are most pure this way. I like to know the environment they have grown in and the energies they have come into contact with.

The next best option was to use a good quality organic dried mugwort and sit it on my altar for about a week as I set my intentions to invite Presence, connect with the consciousness of this plant, learn from it and honor the journey.

I feel this altar time and intention setting is important to me as it helps to really awaken the plant consciousness and my connection with it when I have not been there for its whole journey.

So I brewed my first bedtime mugwort tea blend and by happy chance I had the whole bed to myself that night. BLISS!!!

As I sipped my tea I was in present moment awareness. Detached from the thinking mind and witnessing each moment. Feeling the liquid in my mouth, feeling it go into my body, I thanked the plant and honored the journey it took to be in my cup. I loved that tea that would never ever be again but the plant now lives within me and it's consciousness is never ever gone.

During my dream time with mugwort I recall meetings and introductions. This was with the plant as I do not recall faces or any environment I was in. I can recall a great amount of LIGHT and a sense of a greeting.

I slept until 8am which is unheard of!!!! I’m sure it was the combination of not having my husband snoring or the dog constantly pushing me around whilst I sleep that I slept in several hours longer than usual and for sure I know it's because I travelled pretty far in my dream time.

I got a long night's sleep but I can’t say it was restful. I did have the feeling of a good night out though! I know I had a good time, I just don’t remember what I did! LOL

Learn more about Plant Spirit Experience 

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