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Photographic Art Collection

In September of 2021 for my 40th Birthday my father gifted me my first camera. It wasn't just any camera though, it was his and he is a PRO, this was his baby for a long time and he has gifted it to me!

I was humbled and a little overwhelmed. I never had a camera and now I have a Nikon D810 with 50mm lens. My Dad knew how I was going to feel and already had made it clear that he was with me to walk me through it and ever since then he has been a fountain of wisdom, knowledge and encouragement. 

Photography runs in my family. My Grandfather on my Mothers side was an amazing photographer and also Mums eldest brother, Uncle Mike is a professional. So, its in my DNA and I really connect with that wisdom. 

I am blessed to have my Dad and Uncle Mike to inspire and guide me on my photographic journey and I can feel my Grandfather guiding me in spirit. 

So, I am an open creative channel with this new fun toy! 

My greatest inspiration is always nature and the animal kingdom. I hope you enjoy these shots. 

Black and White


Photographic Art


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