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Integrating the Sacred Masculine

Many of you will know that I have been actively exploring the Sacred Feminine for several years through the sacred feminine priestess path.

To open I will just clarify that it is my belief that each soul carries feminine and masculine energy. Whether you are born male or female you will still carry both of these energies within you.

The soul itself is androgens by nature, however, according to the rule of polarization, each soul has a specific percentage of male and female energy (Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti) regardless of the physical sex of the body or sexual orientation.

The domination of male or female energy over another does not automatically cause the soul to automatically become male or female. Both energies exist to complement and balance each other. 

Female energy corresponds to circular, right-side thinking and behaviors. 

The Masculine corresponds with straight, left-side thinking and behaviors.

The ratio of male and female energy in the soul is very extremely rarely 50/50, usually one of them is stronger. 

The harmonic balance of 50/50 of male and female energy is in fact within the universe itself.

The percentage of male and female energy in the soul has very little to do with the social concepts of masculinity and femininity.

Our greatest potential lies in balancing the female and male energy within ourselves. 

When we dance with these energies within ourselves we begin to activate the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.

Around the spring equinox, I received a light code that came with a download of information from our Sun about Sacred Masculine energies coming to Earth and a huge activation that was going to happen on summer solstice, June 21st/22nd.

This light code left the impression of the word ‘Chivalry’ and it’s geometry was not dissimilar to the Templar Cross.

Synchronicity ensured I came across an excerpt from "From the Gold to the Goddess - The True Story of the Return of the Templars and the Restoration of Chivalry," By Michael Henry Dunn. 

Read The True Story of the Return of the Templars and the Restoration of Chivalry

Photo Credit: Chris Page, Rose at Avebury & Avebury Stones

As I am experiencing this masculine energy coming through, I get an email from my Father in England. He attaches the above images and proceeds to tell me...

 ..."Avebury, Wiltshire - Early morning before the bulk of the tourists arrive, I walked the fields arounds Avebury in and out of the remains of the magical Neolithic stone circle that surrounds the village. Approaching the west side of the mighty Druids Chair stone all was quiet with on one around. As I moved to the east side of the stone I came across this lady in deep meditation, almost looked like she was listening to the stone. I back away so not disturb her beautiful meditation. However I was so drawn to the image of her blended into the stone and the gentle energy that was being radiated, so start taking shots of this lovely scene from a distance.

I took a couple of shots from this position and carried on my walk. But after five minutes or so I just could not get the image (in black & white) out of my head, and there was a little voice telling me I should go back. So I did.

When I arrived back to the Druids Chair stone the lady had finished her meditation and was slowing walking around the stone, touching and stroking the ancient surface. I was now circling observing her like a bird of prey, waiting for an opportunity to approach her. Finally she turned towards me as gave a friendly smile, the door was opened so I approached.

I felt I should tell her that I had been taking photo of her in mediation and how beautiful it had looked and also asked if she would mind me taking some more shots of her. Rose (as I found out her name) seemed a little taken back at first that I had been taking such interest in her, understandable, however she soon lit up with the idea of me taking her photo.

So there are more shots to show, but for me none compare this first image. A genuine natural encapsulation of “oneness”.

He also thought the women's name was Rose, its wasn't though and it turns out that this women's email had Rose Revival in it and that moved something in me.

The Rose and Avebury.

What's the significance? Well, I walk the path of the Rose! I am part of that Rose Revival and so is this wonderful woman. The Rose is a symbol of the Sacred Feminine. And, Avebury lies on the Michael and Mary ley-lines which are Masculine and Feminine energy currents.

I actually ended up having a zoom conversation with the women meditating with the stones! What our conversation impressed upon me was drawing my attention to the importance of sacred sites, ley-lines and the earth grid are for me to focus on and learn from, as I am integrating the sacred feminine and sacred masculine energy within myself. 

I continued redefining what ‘sacred masculine’ and ‘chivalry’ mean to me in this moment?

What has come up for me is King Arthur, Camelot, Avalon, the knights of the round table and Merlin.

For me, King Arthur has always been a symbol for sacred masculine values such as strength, protection, boundaries, judgement, compassion, wisdom and courage.

14,000 years ago I had a past life on The Isle of Apples as a Priestess known as one of the guardians of the Tree of Life.

“The Isle of Apples” means Avalon.

On 11-11-12 I stood at the Glastonbury Tor with my beloved, my twin, the yang to my yin we could see for miles and miles across the land. A Remembrance occurred at that moment.

Remembering the Union. 

That Remembering at the heart chakra of the earth was a major activation for me. A huge heart opening experience for me and my beloved and a deepening of our connection and communications.

14,000 years ago is when our ancestors first came to Avalon. They followed the stars along a long chalky ridge from what is now called Kent (where I was born) and the travelled westwards into Somerset (where I spent every summer as a child). A journey deep in my soul.

Those same ancestors knew about the earth grid, the energy meridians of the Earth and created they a sacred axis mundi which mirrored the cosmos onto the Earth below (as above, so below). On every grid point, we see sacred sites, some are natural formations and others are man-made.

Photo Credit: Chris Page, Silbury Hill

Our ancestors continued to mark out the landscape to include ley-lines such as the Michael Line, the Mary Line and many others.

The Michael and Mary line are twin underground water currents. I have learned that they actually cannot exist without the other. They each communicate, contribute ad balance each other in amazing ways. 

They are in sacred union as they wind, weave, and intersect their way across England.

These lines represent the journey of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in sacred union together.

''The Michael Line is an energy ley line that goes straight, direct like an arrow. Its energy is straight with focus and direction, aligned with the midsummer sun, the time of year when the sun is at its most potent and masculine. It does not curve, or waver.

The Mary Line is feminine in its essence. It weaves like DNA and follows the curves of the land, rivers and waters. It snakes through and around the valleys, and hills. It is soft, curvy, round and flowing. It never leaves the Earth, and is actually part of the Earth, connected to the curves and waves, perhaps even contributing to its formation.

When the two lines intersect, the power and the potency is even stronger.

The sacred feminine energy grounds and pulls the sacred masculine energy of the brilliant light of the Sun to Earth wherever she connects with him, giving him the form and container in which to catalyze with light and energy the form, matter and physicality of the Earth.

The sacred masculine energy infuses the sacred Mary feminine energy with the light from the sun and stars, to receive and infuse the warmth of the sun into her belly of her soils, caves, oceans and rivers, and hold and contain the life created within her''. Spiritual Path Pilgrimages

Together, they create, generate and manifest rich, abundant life through love and sacred union.

These ley lines articulate the relationship of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine divinely. 

So, what are some of the characteristics of the sacred masculine?

Direct - Unwavering and focused. 

Faith - Complete trust and confidence in the Divine.

Charity - Nobility, kind-hearted, goodwill, compassion.

Justice - Fairness, peace and genuine respect for all people and the land.

Wisdom - Knowledge, good judgement, understanding, discerning.

Prudence - caution, frugality, foresight, discretion.

Temperance - abstinence, sobriety, calm, controlled.

Committed - dedicated, loyal, wholehearted.

Truthful - honest, sincere, authentic, open.

Giving - supportive, sharing, allowing, delivering.

Diligent - caring, conscientious, industrious, attentive.

Hopeful - inspiring, optimistic, positive, reassuring.

Courageous - brave, fearless, adventurous, bold.

In closing I will end with this beautiful story by Harmony Verna.

''The divine feminine was targeted first. Her gentle nature was punished. Her healing voice silenced. Her very nature, the womb of creation and love, suppressed by unspeakable traumas – lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

The divine masculine witnessed in horror as his beloved was torn apart, dismantled from his soul and from this world. His garden had been clipped of roses and all that remained were the tangled thorns. The great man fell to his knees in despair, the pain too deep to endure. His eyes turned black, his body stone. He built weapons to slash at the darkness, to attack that which took the light. He crafted armor to protect his body. He wore the strongest breastplate to cover his heart and carried a shield to keep the grief and the wounds from breaking him in two.

The wars began. They covered every continent, invaded every life. Endless centuries of torture, persecution, maiming and killing. The atrocities defended with a myriad of excuses: religion, righteousness, honor. But it was all pain…a world fighting against its own injuries as a trapped animal chews its limb for freedom.

Thousands and thousands of years later, the wars changed. They morphed from the bloody battlefields to the corporate and material world. Swords were replaced with money, status, power, big cars and houses, political rhetoric. A battle all the same. A deep deadening. Around and around, lost. Weapons were down but the armor remained, welded tight into the psyche. Hearts hid from feeling anything that touched upon memories of loss.

And then it happened. As slowly as the darkness had entered, it began to leave. The divine feminine felt the call first, felt her soul cracking from within, her power emerging, her light pushing forth again. All that had been taken from her rose and the grief was fresh and raw but she clawed through it, dug and crawled from her place of hiding and stood in truth and strength again.

Tenderly, she reached out to her beloved, the sacred masculine, her wounded warrior. But his scars were too deep. He ran. He ran from the gentle touch, the soft words of love that ripped at his soul. The pain of losing her, the pain of being helpless as she was dragged from him and nearly destroyed, was too much and so he ran. The fear was too great. All that had been lost. All the pain and suffering of a millennia followed her and he hid behind his shield for protection.

Until the breastplate and the armor began to choke him. The hard edges of the metal cut into his muscle, left him agitated and uncomfortable. He tried to run but his legs grew heavy, stuck in sludge. “Just leave me be,” he begged.

But the great love and tenderness followed him silently. His beloved sat before him, placed her hands upon his wounds and kissed his scars. She unclasped his armor, removed the breastplate and pushed aside the shield. And this great man fell into her arms and wept into her neck. He mourned for her loss and the darkness that had followed, for his acts of savagery and the wars that he had raged while blind with pain. And she smiled into his tears, rested her palm atop the quaking heart, let the white light shine gold into his being.

His tears dried. His heart breathed. He was free now. The battles, the wars, were over.

She took his hand and they rose together again – as one''.

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