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Self Care 


2015 was a shifting point for me, I began my journey towards becoming more authentic. I remembered my divinity and I began to practice self love. I set my intentions to follow my highest excitement. To always do what's in my heart, no exceptions. I can trace back all my business growth and abundance to this point.

Each year, I have become more in alignment with my truth. I have learnt how to set healthy boundaries. I have learnt how to identify my needs and the needs of others. I have learnt what it is to hold space for myself and other people. I have learnt how to celebrate my mind, my body and my spirit. I have learnt self love.

Raising my vibration is truly a vocation of love. Each year my heart opens further, I unfold more of my beautiful petals and this feels like the Divine plan for me.

Heart Opening

Her Self Care today was to include things that helped her to tap into her heart centre.

She walked in nature and found a Mother Tree to connect with.

The mother tree told her to take a deep conscious breath and place both hands behind her head, at the base of her skull.

As she breathed she allowed her chest to expand and her upper back to tilt ever so gently as she gazed up to the sky.

She consciously Breathed into her heart space.

She listened to Mother Trees wisdom.

She was Fully Present.

In this awareness, the veil between worlds began to thin and the world of form began to melt into the background. 

A world of Light began to emerge and she saw clearly what it was like to Live a Heart Centered Life.

She took another conscious breath and allowed herself to integrate this knowing into her Being.

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Her Self Care today involved carving out time to sit in one of her favorite places in the garden, with a lovely cup of tea, her amethyst crystal and write in her journal.

She sat and took several deep breaths and became Present with the moment. She thanked herself for making this time for self care. She acknowledged the perfection of the moment.

Lately, she had things on her mind that she knew only pen and paper could help her process.

Her journal was for her only. It was not like the kind of journal she kept as a teenage girl, writing about crushes, how annoying her sisters were and how much she loathed her parents.

No, this journal was definitely for emotionally mature adults. This is the kind of journal that only a person who values accountability and personal growth could write.

In this sacred book, she writes her thoughts, feelings, experiences, and dreams. She can express what is in her heart without any judgement. No concern about grammar and paragraphs or if it's in order at all. She understands it and that's all that matters.

This process has always been powerful for her because it allows her to connect to the layers between her conscious mind and her subconscious. It helps her to uncover her limiting beliefs and the patterns that create them. It helps her to process life.

With this knowledge and awareness she can rewrite her stories in any way she chooses. As she creates new stories that are supportive and inspiring she literally changes her beliefs and reality.

In presence, journaling is a doorway to her inner world and a powerful tool for creating self awareness. It activates her intuition and strengthens her connection to her higher self wisdom.

She sat in contemplation with her kitty watching over her and many insights began to emerge as she integrated the pages she had just written.

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Her self care today was to carve out some play time, just a few hours in the afternoon.

In the past she had struggled to allow herself to play. She was always so focused on her responsibilities, on doing, on achieving. 

This is what she believed made her worthwhile. As long as she was doing something productive she was a worthwhile human being.

She empowered herself to challenge that belief and decide if it truly applies to who she is and who she wants to be at this moment.

She decided that it didn't support her and she began taking action and making changes to support a more compassionate understanding.

This self care allowed her to reparent herself. To change that story to one that is far more supportive of who she wants to be in this world.

The weather was perfect so she set up her teepee and brought refreshments along.

She built her own little fort and promised herself to be fully present with this wonderful experience and detach from her thoughts, responsibilities and worries for this time.

In this playful present moment awareness she laid some of her crystals that had asked for a sunbath around the water fountain and she could hear the crystal frequencies raising and feel the energies vibrating and rippling out around her as they were activated and charged by the sunlight. She could feel this in her own body too.

Her hips were tight, she knew this is where emotion is stored, so she spent some time moving her body in ways that felt good for her.

The movement medicine began to open her sacral chakra and allowed her inner child's sense of wonder and joy to emerge more and more as the hours flew by.

She played like a child that afternoon. She was simply in the moment. Fully in her body. Enjoying the fresh air, the sounds of nature and the water around her. She picked flowers and went for an afternoon dip in the lake.

She honors how play is a basic need for her. She knows how important it is to feel this freedom on a regular basis which is why it is an important part of her self care.

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