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Vibrational Medicine

Tinctures have been used since ancient times.  It has felt very natural for me to make them. Even as a child I was doing it (minus the alcohol).  

Tinctures are medicinal extracts in a solution of pure grain alcohol or vinegar and distilled water. 

By soaking either bark, berries, leaves (dried or fresh), or roots from one or more plants in alcohol or vinegar. The alcohol or vinegar pulls out the active ingredients in the plant parts, concentrating them as a liquid.

The tinctures can treat a wide variety of aliments of the mind, body and spirit. 

Many drugs in the pharmaceutical industry are plant based and when pharmaceutical companies went to places like the Amazon to learn from the tribes about the medicine in the jungle they were amazed to hear that the shamans got their knowledge from listening to nature.

The connection with nature is something very deeply innate in each of us. 

There is a huge awakening happening on this planet and we are Remembering the abundant medicine and wisdom of nature. 

All plants have consciousness, they all want to be witnessed, they are so happy when we connect and they become even more alive and interactive as we consciously communicate with them. 

The fungi, the flowers, the plants, the trees, the bushes and grasses have unique, powerful medicine and teachings they are waiting to share with you and I am happy and so honoured to facilitate that experience for you.

When I first started exploring making medicine with nature it was hard to decide where to start. I chose to let nature speak to me, to put the books down and get outside and be Present. It was not long after that I began to hear it speak.


In Presence I am able to Witness nature and Connect with its ancient wisdom.

In Presence the individual consciousness of the plants, trees, flowers and animals all start to speak.

We can work with nature to assist the evolution of our consciousness and spiritual growth. 

The preparation of the tinctures is an Art and a great responsibility that requires spiritual purity, focus and wisdom.

Nature can bridge the dimensions and has the ability to connect us with the invisible forces that exist beyond our immediate perception.

Every plant, flower, tree, animal has consciousness. They are living Beings and should be honoured as such.

Everything we need to heal is in nature and she is abundant and always so graceful in her gifts.

I believe in reciprocity. This means I believe in the balance of life. For everything I take from nature, I will leave something to give back.

When I forage I wait to be guided. I never charge in and take.

If there is a bug on the plant I will move onto the next plant because my needs are no more important than the bug.

I listen and look for signs as to which plants and flowers are ready to become medicine and which ones want to stay where they are.

I take only what I need and try to use every part of the plant so that there is no waste.

When we honour, respect nature and her amazing generosity we tune into her abundant vibration. All of our needs are met.

I always, always, always tread lightly in nature, I treat each step and every movement as a ceremony, I honour her ancient sacred body, I look at what I can give and not what I am looking to receive.

Earth has enough to support our needs but not our greed. We all have an obligation to take ownership of what happens on our beautiful earth, she is our mother and we are all her children, we are all part of the problem and the solution. We are powerful creators and there is so much we can do to make a difference.

I have cultivated relationships with every plant/flower/tree that I offer to you. I have either grown them myself or been called by them in nature. I know where they have grown, I know what environment they have been in, I know what energies they have come into contact with and I know that they have been treated with great respect and reciprocity. 












I work with the cycles of the Earth and use the energies of the Solstices and Equinoxes in my process to create these tinctures. I harvest small batches of my tinctures, I literally take what I need until next season. 

I wanted to do something special with my tinctures, I have set such strong intentions with them and nurtured them with so much love. The inspiration came to me when working with Sacred Wild Woman and Mugwort to begin sharing them in medicine journeys. 

You will be working with your tincture for a 4 week cycle and will meet in a weekly circle so that we may all integrate and share what the plants are communicating and moving in us. 

The plants teach us, they guide us and they are the leaders of the journey you are about to take. 

As you set your intention to work with and connect with the individual consciousness of the plants you will begin to experience a deepening of your relationship.

I believe that once you have set your intention to work with your chosen plant you have already begun your journey.

Every day that you are working with your tincture you will experience a process affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

May we all work together in harmony to protect and preserve the sacred, to nurture our amazing Mother Earth so that she may take care of our future generations.

In Alliance with 

Energy Healing

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